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RHOA S6E19 – Grandpas Gone Wild, NeNe meets “Patricia,” & NeNe called Peter A what???

I learned so many things in tonight’s episode: 1) Cheating in a monogamous relationship is wrong, but acceptable (courtesy of Apollo Nida), 2) Phaedra gives Apollo WAYYY too much credit when it comes to Kenya, 3) Peter has a twin sister named “Patricia, 4) Kandi doesn’t check NeNe’s panties, & 5) When Gregg has an issue with Peter, you KNOW it’s a problem!

Let me just point out a few highlights:


Phaedra decided to throw a hissy fit, & leave hoping her “faithful” husband would immediately follow thereafter (yeah, that DIDN’T happen since Apollo felt Phaedra took it too far in terms of who he can & cannot associate with). As NeNe, Porsha, & Gregg tried to explain to Apollo that he should respect his wife’s wishes when it comes to Phaedra! “Your trust has been breached.”- words of wisdom from Gregg Leakes. As Apollo later attempted to make amends with his wife, Phaedra took the time to correct her husband’s pronunciation (uhhh, Phaedra, there’s FAR MORE to worry about than your man’s attempt to say the word, “jovial”). Lawrence went in for the jugular when he mentioned Brad & Angelina (which I both agree & disagree with). Lawrence went on to explain to Peter & Cynthia that Kenya & Apollo share crazy “Brad & Angelina” chemistry (ooh la la), & Kenya playfully dismissed those allegations as Miss Lawrence sashayed back to the hotel! “I got 99 problems but a d#%k ain’t one.” – Sorry, but this was the line of the night courtesy of Kenya Moore! When your husband is the one effing up, you target him NOT the woman (I get that Phaedra BELIEVES in her husband, BUT she needs to take her head outta Apollo’s a$$). BTW, Phaedra, you told Kenya that you nor Apollo are trying to be her friend, YET your man just shook hands with her earlier, & AGREED to be friends with her!!! #DoesPhaedraReallyKnowHerHusband

After all this “Brad & Angelina” craziness, Apollo decides to throw a little b-day party for his mother, oops I mean wife, Phaedra (who’s still beyond pissed at Kenya & Apollo’s actions). Miss Lawrence & Kenya decide to throw “subtle” shade towards Phaedra’s age (newsflash, why is age such a sensitive topic on this show, last time I checked EVERYONE EXCEPT PORSHA is close to or over 40 yrs old). Apollo’s birthday speech? – Is it me or was Apollo TRYING to think of something to say about his wife???


Kenya saw an opportunity to get a little revenge after she was ganged up on during NeNe’s infamous “Pillow Talk” party, & just like the last one, this one DID NOT disappoint (although no punches were thrown). It all started off real playful then it got really real. Is it me or was I the ONLY one shocked when Porsha says she had sex with with a 40 year old & a 47 year old man, & that she prefers sex with OLDER men (is the girl looking for a “father figure???”). Then things got “turnt up” when NeNe called Porsha ignorant in regards to her views on age, & Peter took the time to school her as well. Then NeNe pointed out how pi$$ed off she was when Kandi insinuated she didn’t get her period anymore (oh no she didn’t). Real Talk, I really don’t think it was that big of a deal for NeNe to take things to the left. “It’s funny how NeNe can shut down the conversation when it’s directed at her.” – Kandi Burruss


However, we learned 2 important things from NeNe: 1) NeNe is a young 40 something & 2) NeNe is capable of getting pregnant at her age (if she really wanted to). Todd comes to Kandi’s defense, saying that NeNe’s delivery is always jacked up. Of course, NeNe doesn’t take responsibility on how her approach is often times “rude & disrespectful.” To make a long story short they agree to disagree. Then things turns to the topic of cheating when Lawrence doesn’t consider one-night stands cheating. He admits that his ex lover cheated, & he saw nothing wrong with it. In other words, men are designed to cheat. Everyone voices their displeasure with the statement, EXCEPT Apollo. Apollo doesn’t want Phaedra to cheat, however if she does, he wants her to use a condom. The ladies & guys decide to part ways for the evening. Then once again, it was Kenya vs Phaedra! Phaedra then says how she wanted to “slap the dog s**t” out of Kenya, to which Kenya replies, “Oh well, that’s not going to happen,” and Phaedra replies with, “it could!” Porsha jumps in, telling Kenya that she doesn’t respect boundaries. To make a long story short, Kenya points out how Porsha doesn’t have Kordell(ia) anymore. “U don’t have him now………..he put ya ass out!” – Kenya Moore. Porsha, you could’ve just kept your mouth shut cause Kordell(ia) tossed your ass out like a disposable enema!!! Kenya mopped the floor with Porsha in that scene!


Now, here comes the HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT – GRANDPAS GONE WILD: George Jefferson & James Evans gets into it!! NeNe was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT for checking Peter (so was Gregg) cause he is causing a lot of confusion, yet at the same time, Gregg should have gotten Peter together AT the event, NOT AFTER!! While Peter does behave like a b#%*h at times, Cynthia should have been the one to check Peter from the beginning & NONE of this would have happened, yet at the same time Cynthia should have spoken up & defended her husband! “Are you Peter or are you Patricia?” Peter is more of a housewife than Cynthia is (maybe next season they could switch places???) LOL.

“Am I the only SANE one in this room right now?”- Cynthia

“No, but you are the only WEAK one.”- Me

Cynthia you ABSOLUTELY dropped the ball in this episode! A woman disrespecting my man in front of me would NEVER happen. And that’s a check I promise you can cash. Real Talk, seems like RHOA has had 2 bitches on the show – Kordell(ia) & Peter (Patricia, Uncle Ben, Papa Smurf, etc…)